Wednesday, August 31, 2011

If you’ve got some negative feelings you’d like to purge – grab a pen or pencil...

Do you doodle? We all should be doing it!

Doodling can help with focusing and memory – and can even help with mood and productivity. There’s a doodle assignment for every mood:

• If you’d like to feel happier – draw some smiley faces. Just seeing one naturally makes most people feel better.

• To get creative – draw a flower. Don’t stop there, keep adding detail or draw something nonsensical to get the juices flowing.

• If you need to forgive someone – draw a heart. Even if it pains you – write their name in or near the heart.

• If you’re stuck on something – try doodling on the right side of the paper. We naturally associate the left side with a starting point – and it can help get you past a block.

• Need a dose of self-esteem? Practice perfecting your signature.

• If you’ve got negative feelings you could do without – draw a bowl or a vase. Take your time – and as you’re drawing visualize putting bad thoughts or feelings into that vessel.

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