Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We're back! Might as well start with this one about cool gadgets for power outages.

Eton American Red Cross Radio
Blackouts aren’t like they used to be...

Doing without lights and TV for a while seemed a lot simpler than frantically searching for Wi-Fi, means to charge cell phones or gas for your generator. Modern day power outages call for modern day gadgets – here are a few must-haves should you lose power for any length of time:

• A radio is still the most critical gadget for your blackout list. The good news is you won’t have to stockpile batteries with the newer models. Solar powered and crank radios are well worth the investment – and will save you a fortune in batteries.

• An LED flashlight is a super handy tool. They use a lot less power and last a lot longer than those old D battery clunkers.

• A lantern is key for shedding some light in a bigger space or bonding over a family board game. There’s no need to deal with dangerous oil or kerosene types anymore – there are some pretty efficient battery powered models available now.

• A solar charger is the newest must-have when you’re powerless. The Solio Classic device has little solar panels and batteries to recharge your phone. It sure beats wasting gas idling or driving around for a charge.

If you're only going to splurge on one gadget - get the Eton American Red Cross radio. It only costs about $30 and you'll have radio, NOAH weather, light and a USB charger - all powered by the sun or by hand crank.

Now it's your turn - leave a comment with your favorite blackout wisdom.

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