Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hiding Valuables

If you’d like to hide some valuables – here are some good spots...

If you hide valuables in or under a drawer or behind wall art – those are the first places a robber will look. Detective Kevin Coffey, author of “Traveler Beware,” has some better temporary hiding spots for small valuables:

• Jars of rice or flour on a back shelf
• Clean condiment containers such as mustard or mayonnaise jars in the refrigerator
• Aspirin or brown pill bottles in the medicine cabinet
• Tennis balls with a small slit in them
• Vacuum cleaner bags
• Ceiling light fixtures

If you’d like a more permanent hiding spot – you can get a bit creative:

• Build a book safe by hollowing out the middle area of a hardcover book.

• Steps and flooring often have natural hollow spaces in there that make for great hiding spots. Some carpentry skills are preferable for that one.

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