Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Likeable Liars

Have you met a pathological liar? If you have, chances are, you liked them at first...

Pathological liars are REALLY good at lying. Some are so good at it, we're likely to believe them. Here are some key characteristics of an excellent liar:

Good liars are great communicators. You're likely to hit it off with a liar, they are skilled at connecting with you and building trust.

Good liars are strategic. They don't lie all the time. As a matter of fact they're generally pretty honest, and save the lies for the big stuff. So don't rely on past history if you suspect you're being lied to.

Liars use spin. They tend to be very truthful about details, but will then avoid or add some key facts.

Beware of counter attacks. If things don't add up, go ahead and challenge that liar. If they go ballistic, and get defensive, it's a dead giveaway.

Once you catch a liar, they tend to bargain. They'll try to convince you it's not their fault. They'll try just about anything to make you see things their way and justify their tactics.

Source: Dr. Chuck Raison, Emory University Medical School

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